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Yosuke Hanamura
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Character: Yosuke Hanamura
Series: Persona 4
Version: Video game, taken from the month of October
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Yosuke has fallen into Dollsy wearing his winter school uniform. This includes a black button down jacket (which he typically wears buttoned) and black pants. Beneath the jacket he's wearing a white, long sleeved t-shirt with a red collar. His sneakers are white and silver, looking somewhat like 'vintage' sneakers. On top of all that, he wears a pair of red, over-the-ear headphones which are usually situated on his jacket collar. They're connected to an MP3 player he keeps in his jacket pocket. Yosuke's hair and eyes are a light brown, with his shaggy hair parted to the left and sticking out in places. Slim and with an average height, he stands at just a shade under five feet, nine inches tall and weighs only 128 pounds. He also carries (though will seldom wear in Dollsy) a pair of yellow framed glasses. They look like designer specs, and in reality were custom made for him alone.

Yosuke's persona, Jiraiya, has a very distinctive look as well. It's shape is that of a humanoid in a white disco suit, with a large shuriken in each hand. There's a long, billowing red scarf around his neck. His head is like that of a cartoon frog, with two antenna-like eye extensions protruding from it, and a shuriken on either side of the 'face'. Just below his neck, going across his chest, is a large golden V with a zig-zag pattern, reminiscent of a sinister face smiling with bared teeth.

Personality: Yosuke's personality has many different aspects. In many ways, he's the typical high school student, with a personality that encompasses many dimensions. In most regards, Yosuke's an easy going guy. He takes day to day activities lightly, and doesn't even get worked up when he crashes his bike or has to change his plans due to a friendly intrusion. He speaks in a friendly, familiar manner with most people and seldom bothers with honorifics or titles. Of course, like all things, there are exceptions to this rule. He takes his exams seriously (like almost all japanese students), as well as his job and his self appointed task to catch the killer. His strong sense of responsibility dictates this: responsibility to himself (the exams), to his father (his job at Junes), and his responsibility to the world as a whole (to catch the killer).

As far as his friends are concerned, Yosuke is the typical high school friend. He's loyal and sticks up for his friends, even if he teases them (or tricks, or occasionally even extorts) on semi-frequent occasions. He makes friends quickly, though it takes a while for him to trust someone completely. When he does, he'll even go so far as to take a mortal blow for them. Yosuke doesn't get worked up easily – he either has to be personally wronged, or mad at some greater injustice. While the former makes him somewhat snarkier than normal, the latter truly makes him angry. Depending on the offense or who's being wronged, he can feel anything from righteous anger to a deadly rage. However, even in this state, a truly close friend can talk him into a more calm state.

Overall, Yosuke's a generally laid back person, prone to the whole spectrum of emotions of a normal person.

Fears: Yosuke's fears, and lack thereof, are a complicated matter. They involve a good deal of Persona canon, and the nature of shadows and personas. Human beings, with their emotions, fears, hidden thoughts, subconscious desires, and other suppressed feelings create things called shadows. These shadows are a manifestation of all the aforementioned things. However, a select few people are able to face these shadows, as well as their own personal shadow. They sometimes metaphorically, but in Yosuke's case literally confront their shadow. This means that they face their fears, emotions, and other buried parts of their personality that no one likes to acknowledge. The ability to do this turns that shadow into a persona, a sort of magical aspect of their personality that they can call forth to help them and more or less do their bidding.

This makes Yosuke's fears somewhat complicated, as he's already had to face them head on and proven he can. When he faced his shadow, he was confronted with several of his fears. He had to face that he was bitter about moving from the city to a small town. He faced the fear that his easygoing manner was something of a facade to get others to like him. He faced the fear that he didn't want to help others, but was completely self absorbed. Because facing himself was basically a pre-requisite for unlocking his power, he doesn't have many inner fears or issues that can be exploited. Likewise, large or frightening monsters do not have the usual effect on him. The shadows they confront have a tendency to turn into large, strange, and often frightening looking monsters. Having grown accustomed to dealing with these, he isn't easily intimidated by monsters and the like.

However, even after all of that, Yosuke is still more or less a normal human high schooler. His biggest fear, thanks to the environment he lives in and his mission to catch a serial killer, is a fear of failure that's been cultivated inside of him. He works at Junes, which his father manages, because he's scared of both his father failing as a manager and of letting his father down. He's scared of failing as a student because he'd be letting himself, his family, and his friends down (not to mention the social stigma it would carry). Most importantly, he's scared in failing in his task to save people from the TV world, and to ultimately catch the culprit behind the crimes. This would be the worst failure of all, letting down himself, his friends, and the town he lives in as a whole.

Weaknesses: Yosuke's persona, Jiraiya, is essentially another aspect of and part of himself. As such, he shares the strengths and weaknesses of his persona. One of these weaknesses is to electric based attacks. Should he be hit by one of these attacks, he'll be knocked flat onto his butt. Should he be hit by another electric attack when down (or sometimes even just a normal attack), he will become dizzy and unable to recover and get to his feet without additional time. Also, with no additional resistances to them, he's susceptible to instant kill moves, especially those connected to light and dark magic. Though he's incredibly tough for his age and grade, he's not a superhero, nor is he immortal. Something that would kill a normal person (such as decapitation) is no different for him.

Strengths/Abilities: Like his weaknesses, Yosuke shares his strengths and abilities with those of his Persona. This makes him very resistant to wind based attacks, taking far less damage from them than a person should. In combat he fights with two identical knives, and has become adept at their use over time. His typical attack with them is a jumping strike, where he leaps into the air and brings both blades down on his target at once. Once he's established a close bond with someone, he follows up their hard hitting strikes with one of his own, twirling with his blades and striking his opponent like a buzzsaw.

He also has the ability to summon his Persona to do his bidding, using one of its eight available moves. When he wishes to do this, a small floating card manifests itself above his head. Yosuke leaps up with an acrobatic flip and strikes the card with his weapon, causing it to shatter and call Jiraiya forth. Jirayia, at the point Yosuke is called into Dollsy, has the following eight abilities:

Sukukaja: Increases one ally's hit and evasion rate (essentially, a speed up move). COST: 12 SP
Magaru: Light wind damage to all enemies. COST: 10 SP
Sonic Punch: Light physical damage to one enemy. COST: 8% of Yosuke's total health
Garula: Medium wind damage to one enemy. COST: 8 SP
Diarama: Restores a moderate amount of one ally's health. COST: 6 SP
Magarula: Medium wind damage to all enemies. COST: 16 SP
Wind Break: Nullifies one enemy's resistance to wind (Note: This does not make an enemy weak to wind. It simply nullifies any extra resistance they had to wind). COST: 15 SP
Garudyne: Heavy wind damage to one enemy. COST: 12 SP

NOTE: At the level he'd fall into Dollsy (53), Yosuke would have a total of 290 SP. I've worked it out with our Glorious Overlord Mel, and it was decided that his SP value would reset to full during the day/night shift, unless otherwise stated by an event. To prevent me from spamming skills left and right, I WILL be calculating SP values and seeing what he does and does not have the strength to do. HP values are a bit more nebulous, but I'll try to work with those as best I can.

History: NOTE: Below are MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS for Persona 4. Read at your own risk.

Yosuke Hanamura was born June 22, 1995. Yosuke lived a fairly normal life in a Japanese city with his parents. After entering high school, he learned that his family would be moved thanks to his father's new position. His father worked at a store called Junes, a Japanese sort of equivalent to a Wal-Mart. His father was being promoted to store manager, and was appointed to a store opening in the small town of Inaba. Not happy about the decision but bound to his family, Yosuke packed up his things and arrived in the town of Inaba, most likely several months to a year before the arrival of the main character of Pesona 4 (Note: the Main Character has no name by default, it's up to the player to name him. For simplicity's sake, he'll be referred to in this history as the MC). Working at his father's store, Junpei befriended some of his local schoolmates, such as Chie Satonaka and Saki Konishi. Though the people of the town would constantly grumble about Junes' arrival “killing” local businesses, if they affected Yosuke he never let it show.

His life took an unexpected turn when the MC arrived in Inaba in April of 2011. A fellow transplant from the big city, the two took to each other quickly and became fast friends. It was then that classmate Chie told them about a local rumor: the Midnight Channel. On rainy nights, if one stared at an off TV, one's soulmate would appear on it at midnight... or something like that. Much to their surprise, someone did appear on the TV at midnight! To their further surprise, the MC claimed to be able to put his hand into the TV. Though Yosuke was skeptical, an accidental stumble at Junes caused himself, Chie, and the MC to all fall inside the TV and enter a strange, fog covered world. After a brief exploration of the world, they discovered a bear-like creature named Teddie, who shoved them back through TV's and out of the world.

Shortly after, Yosuke's friend Saki appeared on the midnight channel, went missing, and mysteriously turned up dead several days later. There was no obvious murderer, and no suspect in what had then become a serial killing (with another person turning up dead prior). On a hunch, Yosuke suggested to the MC that they investigate the TV world for a connection between the killings. Upon visiting the world, they once more met Teddie who confirmed that Saki had been in the TV world and was attacked by creatures called shadows. After a brief misunderstanding (where Teddie accused them of being the ones to push her in), they were shown to where Saki had spent her final moments. There, they heard the echoing of Saki's inner thoughts. She professed that she never liked Yosuke and found him annoying, saying she only was kind to him because he was her boss's son.

Understandably, this upset Yosuke, who was still trying to adjust to the strange TV world. It was then that a second Yosuke appeared, alike in voice and appearance but surrounded by a sort of dark energy. This second Yosuke began speaking his inner thoughts. His happiness was all a facade because he was afraid of rejection. He was afraid of growing up, bitter that they had to leave the exciting city for a boring town like Inaba. He didn't enter the TV to investigate Saki's death, but with the hope that it'd prove to be something exciting to do in the boring town. Yosuke repeatedly denies these claims, as well as the claim that the other Yosuke is, in fact, himself. This sends the second one into a rage as a powerful shadow emerges from it, which the MC must defeat. Once the shadow is defeated, Yosuke painfully admits that the things his double said were in fact his feelings, buried deep down. Though it is painful to face his feelings and himself, he does so head on, which turns the second Yosuke into his persona, Jiraiya.

Yosuke and the MC decide that the midnight channel show who is going to be placed into the TV world next. With his persona awakened and his heart burning with determination, Yosuke vows to help the MC rescue those thrown into the TV world and catch the one behind it, thus avenging the death of Saki. The two continue in this manner as people are thrown into the TV world, rescuing them and letting the rescued join their ranks in their efforts to catch the killer. At one point, they think they've caught the culprit. This is proven false when another kidnapping occurs. They save the next victim, adding her to their ranks. With no other leads available, Yosuke and the group can do nothing but wait for the killer to make their next move. It is after this kidnapping, but before the next one that Yosuke falls into The Dollsyhouse (on October 11, 2011).

Sample RP post: Yosuke's headphones were on, the music was blasting, his foot was tapping, and he gripped his blades tightly. All in all, it was a routine fight against a routine shadow. That was how it started, at least. A routine fight became more than ordinary as Yosuke found shocks rattling his system, smarting like hell. It was his Achilles Heel, and as the shocks ended he felt himself falling towards the ground.

… but it wasn't quite right. He'd been falling for far too long. The ground couldn't possibly be that far away. He felt his butt connect with the floor, and tried to brace himself for the next attack. It never came. Opening his eyes, he glances around in confusion. His teammates were gone, as was the laboratory. He was in a house, one he'd never seen before. Getting to his feet, he took a look around. What the hell happened? A movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention, and he whirled towards it.

A... shadow? It was definitely a shadow, and it had noticed him, but... it was staying in the shadows. It seemed aggressive, but not enough to come attack him. What was the deal? Confused, he tried the front door. No such luck – even if he pulled with all his might, it wouldn't give an inch. “What the hell...?” If it was part of the TV world, it was one he'd never seen before. Still, there were shadows here. What other explanation could there be? He must've gotten separated from the group. “Chie! Kanji! Partner! Where are you guys?!” Sliding his headphones around his neck, he took a few confident strides forward. If it was a new area, it must have an exit. He'd find it and be back to his friends in no time.